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How to Transfer installed Android application between phones

Learn How to Transfer installed Android application

In this post, Learn how to Transfer or share or send installed Android application between phones. You know that when internet connectivity not available or application file in large in size and low internet has bandwidth, at that time you can not download application in your phone. one solution of this problem is transfer installed application form phone other phone Via Bluetooth or WiFi. You can share or send installed application to your friend without internet connection.

There is various software available for free Download  in Google play store like Software Data Cable, Super Backup, Astro, Myappsharer etc. This software allow first backup installed application and send to other phone via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Let’ s See tutorial for to transfer installed Android application between phones with using Myappsharer:

1. Go to Google Play store and Download MyAppsharer on you device.
2. Install & Run Application on your device.

MyAppshare Bluetooth 4MyAppshare Bluetooth
3. Tick on APK Radio button and select Application which you want to send then click on share button. By clicking on share button will show you send application Via Message, Bluetooth, Gmail & Facebook. Select Bluetooth option and send application to other phone.

Super Backup, Astro & Myappsharer send or transfer application via Bluetooth and Software Data Cable transfer Application Via WiFi.

  • MyAppshare Bluetooth
  • MyAppshare Bluetooth 2
  • MyAppshare Bluetooth 3
  • MyAppshare Bluetooth 4

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  • Prakash

    is it possible to transfer file form PC to mobile with software data cable?

  • Michael Rudnik

    Can I transfer an application with a data it holds?

    • haridhanani

      Yes, You can transfer..

      • Michael Rudnik

        Even if it is not rooted?

        • haridhanani


          • Michael Rudnik

            Even if Android is lower than 4.0?

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